Edge Glider

from £75.00



Welcome to Edge Curling. Introducing delivery aids to perfect and simplify your curling experience. Edge Gliders are designed in five distinctive styles and heights to fit your personal delivery style. British Curling Supplies stock 3 of these styles. Should require any of the alternatives please contact the office.

The Edge handle is the same height as the rock’s handle squaring the shoulders for the perfect balanced delivery. The 8 “, Stealth and the Z are all the same hieght/level as the stone handle… it squares shoulders, simplifies the delivery, the most preferred height in professional curling. Smooth and silent.

With a higher handle height, the 10 inch Glider helps when pushing up after delivery. This Glider is much easier for those of us with tender knees and backs, due to the added height.

The Z Glider is 8 inches high and designed with a cleaning head on the front. Beautiful, smooth and stylish. You can clean the ice and your stones running band before you deliver …brush pad on front.