BalancePlus CF Complete Brush Head



Downward pressure is now maximized and distributed along the entire 9 inches of the faceplate through the longer rotating bar.
• The longer rotating bar of the BalancePlus Capture Piece utilizes the innovative and patent pending concave design of the EQ faceplate. This enables you to produce more heat on a larger surface area of the ice with less effort.
• Our BalancePlus Complete Head is light. The supports inside the BalancePlus Capture Piece make it durable.
• The new handle platform allows the BalancePlus tapered handles to transfer maximum downward force onto the BalancePlus Complete Head.
• BalancePlus Capture Pieces are available in black, white, blue and red. The new red and blue are a better match to our EQ faceplate cloth colours increasing the custom broom colour combinations.
• The BalancePlus Complete Heads and BalancePlus Capture Pieces will fit 1 1/8” diameter handles. They will not work with a 1” handle diameter.
• Please note that all BalancePlus tapered handles are 1 1/8” where they connect to the capture piece.

Choose a Performance Complete Head for 1″ handle diameters.